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Welcome at CHRISTIAN GUIGUE (France), 

masonic searcher and writer of books of Symbolism for Wardens, Entered Apprentices and Fellowship Craft ans Masters Masons wishing to learn and teach masonry at the highest level of quality.


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Join The ARS QUATUOR CORONATI Circle of Correspondence London.:

Emulation ritual procedure

Prince Hall Masonry 

Presentation of Gloves

The warrant of the Lodge

Firing glasses

Women and freemasonry

The First Knight Templars in The USA

Not Hiram Abif but Hiram, King of Tyre

Adoniram : a hypothesis

The Mother Lodge - Rudyard Kipling

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The places of the Officers in lodge and the Cosmos correspondances

The eye in the pyramid on us $ note

The Demolay Order

How DeMolay Work ?

The Order of the Rainbow for Girls

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Reading Masons and Masons who do not reading

Masonic Philosophy

The world largest masonic Temple : Detroit (USA)

The Derrick

The Skirret


The Cable-tow

Freemasonry and Religion

One masonic Wisdom ?

About symbolism

The early legends of the Craft

The Everlasting necessity for Brotherhood.


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We are looking for an american publisher to translate and publish our masonic books of symbolism .