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Emulation ritual procedure


Question : Why does the I.G. give the kns. on his sleeve prior to a candidate being admitted ? This does not happen at an Installation meeting when E.As. and F.Cs. are asked to leave the lodge but remain outside the door of the lodge and can actually watch the Tyler giving the kns.

Also, why are the Sns. and the F.P.O.F. explained in the dark when the candidate cannot possibly see ? This may well account for many M.Ms. and even P.Ms. not being able tu demonstrate them correctly. I refer to Emulation working.

Answer : You ask why, in Emulation working  the I.G. gives the kns. on his sleeve prior tu the candidate being admitted, and  why the F.P.O.F. are explained in the dark. The technical answer to your question is because that is the Emulation ritual. Those in control of the ritual take the view that, as theritual for use in the English Constitution was actually approved by Grand Lodge in 1816, alterations to it should only be authorized by Grand Lodge - in other words, if one man or group of men, without the ultimate authority of Grand Lodge, has power to make alterations so, of course, has any other man or body of men. Therefore it is best not to make alteration unless instructed tu by Grand Lodge. There is some documentary evidence that  above was part of the procedure in 1816 ; it would probably be impossible to prove that  similarly was, but equally it would be impossible to prove that it was not. Therefore as far as Emulation is concerned, the ritual as handed down is preserved as far as possible without alteratidn except as authorised by Grand Lodge. Apart from the technical answer, I feel sure you will agree that there is something in tradition and symbolism - after all, most of what we do in our ceremonies owes its existence tu one or the other. If, because the kns. which the Tyler gives tu announce the candidate for the next degree are those of the one he last took, we do not wish to give any other on the door it really does not matter whether the candidate may know them in some other way -we are following a traditional procedure. As to the candidate getting to know things he should not on nights of Installation, a gond Tyler will send away brethren in the 1rst and 2 nd so that they are not around when die lodge is being raised. I have never found that the F.P.O.F. are explained in the dark. In my lodges the Master's light is never extinguished and even if it is of only one candle power, it is normally quite sufficient for the candidate to follow what is happening. Perhaps the reason candidates and odiers do not know their signs is because they do not go to a Lodge of Instruction after they are raised - or even as junior officers to leam their work for the chair. Alternatively, perhaps preceptors do not correct sufficiently in these days as they did when we were younger.

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