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Abba, Gioseppe Cesare, Historian

Abbot, Robert Sengstacke - Founder & publisher Chicago Defender

About, Edmond - French writer

Acosta, Mariano - Vice-président of Argentina

Adly, Andrea - Hungarian poet

Aga Khan III - Patriarch of Ismaelit muslims

Agneesens, Edouard - Belgian painter

Aldrin, Edwin - Astronaut - 33th

Allen, Richard - Founder & first bishop AME Church

Armstrong, Louis - Jazzman

Arnold, Benedict, General

Arnold, Henry - General - Commander of Air Force

Austin, Stephen F. - Father of Texas

Autry, Gene - Us actor

Bach, Johan Christian - Composer

Bachmann, Otto - Swiss writer

Baldwin, Henry - Supreme Court Justice

Balfour, Lloyd - Jewelry

Bartholdi, Frederic - French creator of the Statue of Liberty

Bassie, William, "Count" - Orchestra leader & Composer

Bachstein, Ludwig - German poet

Baily, Edward - British  creator of the  Trafalgar square statue

Ballivian, General - President of Bolivia (1951-52)

Banks, Joseph, sir - Founder of British Royal Society

Barbosa, Ruiz - Minister in Brazil

Barrientos, Ortuño René - President of Bolivia (1964-66)

Battura, Antonio - Italian poet

Baylor, Robert E.B - Founder Baylor University

Beard, daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scours

Becker, Rudolph Z - German writer

Beery, Wallace - Actor

Beethoven, Ludwig, van - German composer

Bell, Lawrence - Belle Aircraft Corporation

Benes, Edvard - President of Republic of  Czecho-Slovakia

Berlioz, Hector - French composer

Bergmann, Ingmar - Svedish movie man

Black, Hugo L. - Supreme Court Justice

Blasco Ibanez, Vicente - Spanish writer

Blatchford, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice

Bongo, Omar - President of Gabon

Bordet, Jules - Belgian biologist

Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - carved Mount Rushmore

Borgnine, Ernest - Actor

Bowie, James - Hero of Alamo

Bradley, Omar - General in french Normandy -II world war

Bradley, Thomas - Mayor of Los Angeles

Brahms, Johannes - German composer

Buchanan, James - President of the US

Burnett, David G - First President of the Republic of Texas

Burns, Robert - The Grat National Poet of Scotland

Byrd, Richard E. Admiral - Flew over North Pole

Cagliostro - Founder of Egyptian rite

Calvo, Francisco - Father - Priest who "light" masonry in Costa Rica

Carson, Christofer "Kit" - Scout & explorer

Casanova , Giaccomo - Italien lover

Chagall, Marc - Painter

Chagrin, Jean-François - Architect of the Arc de triomph, Paris

Champollion, Jean-François - Egyptologist

Charles XV - King of Sweden

Cherubini, A - Italian composer

Choderlot de Laclos, Pierre - French writer

Christian VII - King of  Norway and Danmark

Chrysler, Walter P - Cars

Churchill, Winston, Sir - British Prime Minister

Citroen, Andre - French motor car inventor & manufacturer

Clark, Roy - Country Western Star

Clark, William - Explorer

Clemens, Manuel L - Writer

Clinton, Dewitt - Governor New York

Cobb, Ty - Baseball player

Cohan, Geroges - Brodway star

Cole, Nat "King" - Singer

Colet, Samuel, fire arm

Collodi, Carlo - Author of Pinocchio

Combes, Emile - President of French Senat (4th rep)

Cordoba, Andrés - President of  Equator

Dempsey, Jack - Boxer

Desaguliers, John Theophilus - against christian masonry

Doolittle, James - General - Air Force pilot

Duke, Ellington - Jazzman

Edward VII - King of England

Evers, Medger Wiley - Civil Rights famous leader

Fairbanks, Douglas - Actor

Faure, Félix - President of French republic

Fields, WC - Actor

Fischer, Geoffrey - Archbishop of Canterbury

Fitch, John - Inventor of steamboat

Fleming, Alexander, Sir - Inventor of Penicillin

Ford, Gerald R - President of the US

Franklyn, Benjamin - One signer of Declaration of Independence

Freud, Sigmund - Austrian - Father of psycho-analysis

Furrer, Andreas - First président of Swiss (1848)

Gable, Clark - Actor

Garfield, James A - President of the US

George II - King of Greece

George VI - King of England

Ghandi, Mohandas Karamchand - Indian leader

Gibbon, Edward - Writer

Gillett, King C - inventor of this razor

Glenn, John H - astronaut - 33th

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang - Famous german poet

Goldwater, Barry - Senator

Guillotin, Joseph-Ignace - Inventor of the Guillotiin

Hafiz, Mulay - Sultan of Morocco (1907-1912)

Hancock, John - One signer of Declaration of Independence

Hardind, Warren - President of the US

Hardy, Oliver - Actor

Haydn, Josepf - Austrian composer

Hatoyama, Ishiro - Prime Minister of Japan

Heine, Heinrich - German poet

Henry, Patrick - Patriot

Hilton, Charles C - Hotelier

Hoe, Richard M - Inventor of rotary press

Hoover, Edgar - Director of FBI

Hpoe, Bob - Comedian

Houdini, Harry - Magician

Houston, Sam - President of the Republic of Texas

Jackson, Andrew - President of the US

Jenner, Edward - Inventor - Vaccination

Johnson, Andrew - President of the US

Johnson, Lyndon - President of the US

Jones, John Paul - Naval commander

Jones, Melvin - One founder of the Lions International

King, Rufus - One signer of Declaration of Independence

Kipling, Rudyard - Writer of The Mother Lodge, If ...

La Fayette, Marquis de - French supporter and soldier of American Freedom war

Lake, Simon - First sea submarine

Land, Frank S - Founder Order of De Molay

Lindbergh, Charles - Aviator

Lipton, Thomas, Sir - Tea Lipton Company

Livingstone, Robert - One negociator for purchase of Louisiana to Napoleon

MacArthur, Douglas - General - Commander of Armed Forces in Pacific

Mayer, Louis B - Goldwin Mayer - film producer

MacGovern, Geroge - Senator

MacKinley - President of the US

Menninger, Karl A - Psychiatrist for treating mental illness

Mesmer, Franz Anton - Magnestism in 18th century

Metcalfe, Ralph H - Olympic champion

Monroe, James - President of the US

Morris, Robert, Dr - Founder of Eastern Star

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Composer - member of Germanic Templar Strict Observance

Murphy, Audie - Greatest hero of the World War II

Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball

New, Harry - Father of Airmail pos

Palmer, Arnold - Golfman

Peary, Robert - North Pole explorer (1909)

Polk, James Knox - Preisdent of the US

Pullman, George - Built first train sleeping car

Pushkin, Alexander - Russian poet

Revere, Paul - Patriot

Richardson, Ellito - Attorney General

Rickenbacker, Eddie - Ace pilot

Robinson, Sugar Ray - Boxer

Roosevelt, Franklin D - President of the US

Sarnoff, David - TV

Sax, Antoine Joseph - Inventor of saxophone (Belgium)

Scott, walter, Sir - E,glish

Sellers, Ptere - ActorWriter

Sexson, Mark - Minister - Founder of Order of Rainbow for Girls

Sibelius, Jean - Finland - Composer

Smith, John Stafford - Musician - Author of national anthem

Stokes, Carl B - First blackman elceted Mayor in Cleveland, Ohio

Taft, William Howard - President of the US

Travis, Willima - Colonel - Hero of Alamo

Truman, Harry S - President of the US

Wallace, Lewis - Writer

Warren, Joseph - One signer of Declaration of Independence

Washington, Geroge - First President of the US

Watson, Thomas - Founder of IBM

Wayne, John - Actor

Whiteman, Paul - Jazzman

Zanuck, Darryl F - One founder of 20th Century Productions




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